Title: What patients in UK said about Dr. Srikanth. K N

(Source: 360 degree patient feed back as submitted to the General medical council of the UK)


‘Excellent care at all times’

‘Complete satisfaction with treatment received from Dr. Srikanth k n. Thanks to all the Staff as well.’

‘The care Dr. Srikanth gave me was excellent 10/10. I think he was a very caring Doctor and I couldn’t have had better treatment anywhere in the UK!'
‘I have very much confidence in Dr. Srikanth. Very good care’

​ ‘Very satisfied with Dr. Srikanth care’

‘Has been caring and thoughtful and has done an excellent job’

‘Dr.Srikanth made my husband a new man!’

​‘Dr.Srikanth was very kind and considerate’

‘The treatment, care and kindness I have received from Dr. Srikanth has been first class

‘I was very impressed by the excellent treatment I received from Dr. Srikanth’

‘I could not have found a better care than given by Dr. Srikanth k n’

‘Excellent 100% marks to Dr.Srikanth K n. All treated me with utmost courtesy and understanding

​ ‘I feel very happy with the treatment I have been given. I can only commend my surgeon Dr. Srikanth K N’

‘Dr. Srikanth K n is a star surgeon!’